Introducing Malachy’s Gloriam

From Chicago-based author C.M. Martello comes the riveting mystery story of  an Italian-American priest, a serious accusation that rocks Chicago's Catholic community and a disbarred defense attorney. 
"...Martello creates a setting that is as detailed and vibrant as his characters. Chicago comes alive in the novel...Martello knocks one out of the proverbial ballpark..." 
- The San Francisco Book Review

“...An amazing first novel...What makes Malachy’s Gloriam such a good read is the super colorful cast of characters. Characters they are, but each one is very realistic..."
 - Viga Boland, Readers’ Favorite
"...The action moves fast, there are great side characters, and justice triumphs in the end. I recommend the book as a very enjoyable detective book...”   
 - Ralph Peterson, Manhattan Book Review



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C.M. Martello explores the intriguing history of the Irish American socialist labor leader, Michael Connolly. His extraordinary life is exemplified by the fact that no other '1916' Irish Republican has statues in Belfast, Dublin and Chicago.

"What is a crime and what is a sin? Malachy’s Gloriam...set amidst Chicago’s Irish-American community, dances with this distinction..."
- Mary Ellen Prindiville, Irish American News